The common issues that plague your website affected by Google Panda updates;

1. Over optimizing few web pages and 1-2 keywords anchor texts.
2. Content that is of low quality and is mostly irrelevant, thin or duplicate in nature.
3. Back links that are definitely of low quality leading to unnatural linking.
4. Lack of a user-friendly interface and navigation method.
5. Presence of unnecessary pages in the Google index.
6. Deficient patterning of SEO.
7. Black hat SEO.

How to Improve your website SEO Ranking?

1.Reduce or optimize your meta keywords
2.Optimize your HTML for H1 and H2 headers
3.Check all images for ALT attribute
4.Make your HTML code less messy
5.Add more valuable content to your website
6.Distinguish your keywords with strongs and bolds
7.Add proper sitemap.xml file