FreeDirectory’s Privacy Policy

Information collected about our users
When a user or advertiser first registers with us, we will request basic information such as their name, address, phone number, email address and if applicable, financial details. This is to allow FreeDirectory to contact you with regards to any additional services we might be able to offer. FreeDirectory also collects information based on the user’s search activity so that we can keep improving our service based on your needs.

Respecting the privacy of our users
FreeDirectory is sensitive to user privacy and how we treat the information collected by our users. Only the information you provide to us for the promotional purposes for your business will be used in the listing displayed in FreeDirectory and on any of our partner websites. FreeDirectory also holds the right to use the information provided by you to share the information with our third-party partners in order to market goods and services related to your personal information. Any sharing of sensitive information to third parties will be done only with the user’s consent and taking into consideration any surrounding legal matters.

What FreeDirectory does with the information collected
FreeDirectory uses cookies to store user information. The only information stored is the search terms entered by the user. FreeDirectory does not capture any confidential information such as credit card numbers. The reason FreeDirectory stores your searches is so that we can provide essential and relevant services to you based on them. This aims to make your overall experience a positive one. Any information entered while using FreeDirectory will not be stored in a database.

Are VereDirectory’s servers secure?
FreeDirectory makes sure that any information we capture is strictly non-personal and only related to what can assist us in serving our users better. Essential information we require for this task includes the user’s web browser and IP address. Furthermore, security on our servers is guaranteed by the Secure Sockets Layer, which means any information submitted will be confidential at all times.

Personal User Information Privacy on FreeDirectory
The information a user submits while creating their company’s profile is deemed confidential. Only the user in control of creating the advertisement is able to edit or add new information. Profiles are created based on a user submitted username and password with other measures to ascertain increased security.

More information
More information on our privacy policy can be obtained by contacting us at